We lend to YOU,
not your credit score.

Read on to find out what makes Capstone Finance different from other lenders.


Why Capstone? Capstone Finance of Tuscaloosa, Alabama offers loans from $200 up to $1,482, tailored to meet your budget needs.  Loans may be paid back over a period of several months rather than all at once through our easy monthly and semi-monthly payment plans. Capstone Loans are great for establishing new credit or re-building your credit. Contact our office to find out more about our services.

Build or Rebuild Your Credit

Capstone loans are a great way to create credit, or enhance your existing credit profile.

Customized to Fit Your Budget

Capstone offers a wide array of loans, from $200 up to $1,482, customized to fit your budget.

Flexible Payment Options

Capstone Finance offers easy monthly and semi-monthly payment plans.

Let's Get Started

Capstone Finance prides itself on its easy, no-hassle access to apply for a new loan. Below you can  begin your application process and improve your financial situation. You will receive prompt, first-rate customer service.

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